Halldor Pro Binding

Halldor Pro Binding

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The Halldor Pro bindings are fully spec’d out for all-mountain freestyle riding. The high backs and flexible rubber ankle straps give you all the support you need to live out your dreams and send it to the fullest.

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What’s this binding’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?


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Halldor Pro Binding


Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality responsive binding

Excellent quality responsive binding. I love the responsiveness with the ankle straps in the high position. But still offers decent tweakability. The straps are great, the toe strap phenomenal. Definitely worth the full price and a steal if you can get it on a good discount.

Wojciech Jureczka

Halldor Pro Binding

Claws on my feet, claws on my feet, claws on my feet

Holy what dimension are you from Halldor. These things are so gnarly it's insane. I've been riding for 27 years and this has to be one of the biggest game changing purchases for me ever. The entire day riding with them on was just wondering what the hell my life would have been like had these existed decades ago. Immediately first tried a down flat down. Tried ripping with reckless abandon as fast as possible on a choppy snow day and felt solid as hell. You can barely even notice them on your boots fully cranked down. The board feels way lighter going up chair lifts. You can literally throw your attached foot all over the place without it feeling like a rock on the other end of the board.
I got these on sale for %45 off direct from Lobster. My local options for something decent quality are 4-500$ so getting these for the same price as some plastic junk that would probably snap in half is great. Most stores don't seem to stock Lobster in my area which is a shame but if you have the chance to support a hardcore snowboarding company like this instead of a big corp 100% do it.

Amazing Bindings

The auxtech straps are incredible and feel like they form to the boots perfectly. Ratchets and releases are smooth, and there is a good amount of adjustability to fit the bindings to your preference. The first day I used them I felt the difference and had the best day of carving so far. Can't recommend enough!

Great Bindings

Straps are perfect. Nice and rigid high back. Exactly what I was looking for.


Very good stuff 🙏🏽👌🏼


Coming from someone who's owned bindings from almost every major brand, these bindings are by far the most comfortable and damp bindings I've ever ridden while still being quite responsive. The only fault I have for these is they aren't very posi-stance friendly. The toe adjustment cam can release on your front foot if your running steep posi angles and get toe drag

Pascal Haufman

Great bindings, not much else to say

lobster Halldor pro board and bindings

couldn't be happier with the new board, got it for a great deal at 30% off and it's now on sale for even less, would definitely recommend. bindings are stiff and responsive, board is playful but stiff enough to give you great pop.

Bob Loblaw
Bang for the buck

For what you get for the price, it's a no brainer. When looking at the Nidecker/Rome/Bataleon tech that's in these bindings, you get more than what you pay for. The full wrap base gives more than decent response. The ankle and toe straps are the higher end, more durable Auxtech straps that angryman reviewer raves about. The highback has boot grippers like bataleon highbacks and ample support, as well as easily adjustable forward lean adjustment if you're into that. The only component on the binding that isn't the highest end is the EVA footbed, it does the job fine, but it's not Duracush. The bindings also come with "never miss a day" set of back-up ladders like Bataleon/Rome bindings come with which adds even more value to the set of bindings. All being considered, the price for these bindings gets you more vs the sister brands and definitely more than the other bigger named binding brands on the market.