Board Cozy Black

Board Cozy Black

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You know how karma works, if you are extra nice to your board then your board will be extra nice to you. The best way to be nice to your board is to pack it up nice and cozy in this neoprene board sleeve. You dont even have to take your bindings off. When your board is safely tucked into the Lobster Board Cozy you can then toss it in the back of your mums car without worrying about scratching it up. The stretchable Board Cozy will fit around every lobster board size in the line. 

Size  S  (Board length: 143-150)

Size  M  (Board length: 150-157)

Size  L  (Board length: 157-164)

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Sleeve Sizes S M L
Width(cm) 27.8 29 30.5
Height(cm) 142 149 156

Board Cozy Black


Customer Reviews

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North of 60 XR
Great! Well Made

This board cozy fits well, is made of neoprene and protects the board well! You can leave the bindings on or off - doesn't matter - Also protects other boards you may have in the board bag at the same time!


Good project but t is a snug fit. I bought a L size and it barely fits my 157 wide. Wonder how it fits on a 165 W

Daniel Fabi

Looks very good, perfect quality!
Fits perfectly on my 159-Stomper.

Sander Hoek
Size is to small, but according to given specs it should fit

I have 156w and it fits like the thing will be torn into pieces after a few uses…. Material is not stretchy enough for wider boards, i dont even think a 157 would actully fit in lenght as well…🤷 overal the things look great.

Piotr Sawicki
Lobster Board Cozy is veryyyy cozy

Seriously though, very good product that helps to transport your board without damaging anything around.

Karl Hans Bammer

Board Cozy Black

Romsns Kolmakovs

Board Cozy Black

Nicolas Rast


Travis Perkins
Super cozy

Happy to have thrown this thing in my cart at the last minute. Beats having a bulky bag with too much going on. The board cozy is slim and convenient and protects your board where it needs it most.

Noah W

I wanted something to protect my board when I’m storing it in the summer and when it’s on my roof rack, I couldn’t have thought of anything better. Easy on and off