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Halldor Pro

Halldor Pro

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The Halldor Pro bindings are fully spec’d out for all-mountain freestyle riding. The wrap around high backs and flexible rubber ankle straps give you all the support you need to live out your dreams.

Please note that the wrapback highbacks do not work properly with most boots that have BOA on the side.

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What’s this binding’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?





The pre curved ladders make your straps naturally fall open and to the side so they are not in the way when you want to get your boot in there. Your friends will never have to wait on you to strap in any longer!


The only tool you even need is the screw driver to attach these bindings to your board. Otherwise everything on this binding can be adjusted without a tool. No hardware also means saving weight.

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Our design completely eliminate the ‘forward lean block’ most brand use. Making for a cleaner Forward lean geometry with no gap between the highjack and heel cup.


We have eliminated all hard parts from under your heels. The heelpad in this binding is a full EVA cushion pad giving you the most protection possible. Nobody likes a heelbruise so nothing but high impact foam between your boot and board.

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The reduced size of the minidisk decreases the ‘deadzone’ in your board’s flex pattern allow for a binding that flexes more naturally with the board for a perfect connection and power transfer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Herman Tse
Awesome board

I was slightly hesistant about the 3BT and the softer flex. I have been riding a custom X which is crazy stiff. After 2 runs, felt totally comfortable with the Halldor Pro. So much more playful, great board to mess around but still able to go downhill fairly aggressively.

Andy Kantola
Detailed board review ( northern Michigan snow)

I’ve rode for 30 years, I’m 35. I bought the 151- I’m 138 pounds and 5’7.
This board feels big because of the shape of the tips. I find it slightly more difficult to whip spins just before landing (compared to Burton process camber)
It rides great on every snow condition except ice. If your edges are super sharp then ice is fine otherwise it’s not good.
The feel of the board has a rolling effect from the TBT, meaning you can transition from edge to edge extremely quickly, without really feeling a flat spot, so it rides like a skateboard. With that being said you cannot depend on the tip an tail to hold a landing- you have to land with your weight exactly the same over each foot like a skateboard) so this board will make you a stronger rider.
Personally, I found I have to place bindings so my tips are the same length, otherwise it rides like shit.
The TBT is fantastic for not catching her edges however, when you spin off jumps It takes a lot of effort to lock yourself into your landing. Because you contact points are lifted off the ground It caused a lot of wash out/ revert action. The board has a very soft flex on The tips- so soft when you press it feels like your riding rocker even though this is a camber board.
I’ll keep it. Fun board to ride, good in shallow powder! but not the best for filming (it’s not as clean on film as a normal camber snowboard. I will be back on a traditional camber board with no base alterations whatsoever next season. Overall, I am happy with my purchase for what it is. Hopefully this helps somebody.

Viktor Dudáš

Halldor Pro

Such a fun board!!

Soo fun that I actually had to buy 2 of them!

Ronald a.G.
Halldor pro

Awesome board exactly what I expected 👏 👌 first day of use was on fresh powder and the board responded really good, hitting those side jumps WAS AWESOME 💯 THANKS HALLDOR AND EIKI

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Halldor Pro