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So pretty and fun!

I got this snowboard as a gift from my mom, I already had one for speed but I wanted one for park and off piste (woods).
At first I had to get familiar with the edges (has less 3BT than my Bataleon Whatever) but after 3 ir 4 descents I got a handled of the board.
It is so much fun to ride it. The flexibility is just enough for you to do many tricks and go all over the mountain without shaking al the way down.
Very light and responsive for small amd medium jumps.
I use it in Quebec Canada.
I wish it came with the sleeve for transportation included.
Great snowboard and definitely recommend to everyone, specially because of the super clean and pretty design of the graphics.

Playful all mountain shredder

For a softer board the Creamer really holds up in variable conditions and rougher terrain. I've taken it into big chutes, powder fields, fast groomers, park laps, slushy slashers and all else in between and it's held up against all challenges.
The camber profile helps hold a carve and the 3D nose and tail are forgiving when buttering.
And EVERYONE tells me how pretty the board is, which is a bonus.

Sendy carvy

161w on the east coast ice and I have no problems laying a carve down hard.

The flex and pop are sick as shit and I fucking love. My friends are jealous and life is grand

Absolute Weapon

This sled carves like a beast cuts through all the chaff and will let you send it to the moon, a man can ask for no more.

Jan Galaba
Beginner Opinion

Wow. It's absolutely amazing, feels great, switch rides just the same as regular. So edge catching is almost impossible if you are careful enough. Yes it is unforgiving when making mistakes, but atleast it won't let you cut corners. Also noticed a lot of people peeping my board and felt great about it ;)

Sharbel Kantati
Best board so far

The 3D chamfer is insane. Love doing 360 jumps and landing a little off, and still getting control.

The only thing you gotta get used to carving differently, but it’s easy regardless.

This is the most forgiving board I’ve ever owned. I feel like I’m cheating sometimes…

Nasty stick. Absolutely love it!!

Will Baker
Good value

Easiest bindings to set up- everything locks together without tools. Just bolt them on and go. Highbacks can be removed easily if you like to ride without them. Bindings have a softer feeling flex, great for jibbing.

Halldor Pro
Elvar Snær Erlendsson

good fucking board

It is perfect!!

I've bought it at the beginning of this year and I have already used it few times. It's a fun board and I really enjoy riding with it

Fridge Sender
Till Borgmann
Expirience of pure madness

Not only because i had a sender before, the looks from Fridge between your legs when he rides with you give you the extra steeze no matter if in the park or just freeriding. Always sending!

Antti L
Highly recommended

Got the 161w. It exceeded my expectations in every level. Especially riding switch. Been shredding since 1994, and riding mainly 3bt since 2008. This is my first, but definitely not last Lobster. Stomper is a bit stiffer than I expected. Maybe I should have figured it out knowing that it`s ridden by Fridge (along with Sender). But I heard that it can be fixed by adding some Creamer to the quiver. IMO this board is very comparable to a Goliath, which is a well known model from an other manufacturer. I felt that Stomper held edge better on ice though, felt more natural riding switch and the 3bt was not so noticeable. But it was there when needed to. Would have given 6 stars, but there was only 5 to give.

Sick board

Great board, shreds literally everywhere from powder to icy parkjumps!

Actually does everything

5'10" 170lbs size 10 boot. I sized down to the 153 but this board still handles everything. Turns quick and easy, even feel stable at decent speeds. Took it out on a refiller pow day and the sidekick nose gave it much better float than I expected. It has a more mellow sidekick, but it really goes along way in preventing edge catches on spins and sketchy landings. Its a fun board for those fun days. I'll take it anywhere but the steeps.

Peter Parker
Perfect Intermediate board

I got this board to get a break from my stiff charger and this board did not disappoint. It is soft but stable and very fun to turn.I am a big fan of lobster now and their boards will get you a ton of compliments. So buy it and you wont regret it.

Eiki Pro

It’s definitely a park board and only a park board. You’ll have to work really hard to get through powder. The buttering is amazing due to the side kick. It’s a very forgiving board. Overall it’s pretty great

Halldor Pro
Joey w
Terrible Build - No quality and no warranty

I owned 2 Halldor models for different seasons. They both delaminated within 1 season. Warranty was refused as delamination is classified as "Normal Wear and Tear".

If you're going to make low quality boards, please have a decent warranty program.

Eiki Pro
Rafael lazarev
Eiki pro

First of all the service here is great!
I ride lobster from 2019 same model, eiki pro. Super flex , good control and very sharp on the turnes!

Creamer 2023

One word: 'Lovin-It'. Yes, that's technically its two words with a hyphen.

Longer review:
Been riding a burton custom for the last 10-15 years and the Terje Håkonsen - Hakkon Air before that. And before that a burton v-tail (yes been riding a long time and I am old). Figured this year was the year to learn to butter but still needed a board that could handle the whole mountain. Looked at every brand out there and decided to purchase the Creamer, which is my first Lobster board. It's also my first board with 3d technology. I was really worried that this board was going to be too soft and not hold and edge at high speed. I ride mostly in the Midwest (USA), so it's hard pack more than its soft. We have had a great year as far as snow is concerned so I have been a little spoiled. The creamer holds an edge at speed just fine and way better than I expected and can now bomb the hill with confidence that the edge is going to hold. Took me awhile to get the bindings dialed in (using the # is a good place for me). I am heading to Utah (Snowbasin and Pow Mow) January 23 - 27th so will update this review with the powder characteristics when I return. We have had 3' - 8' here in MN and from what I can tell it's going to be way better than the custom. Might set the binding back a little but with this board being 3cm longer and 1/4" wider I might just ride centered up and see how it goes. I don't hit the park a lot, but small jumps and rails are easier on this board than the custom. I have a pair of Lobster bindings to go with the board but ride my burton Step-Ons daily (got kids and need to be able to get in and out fast). Overall super happy with this purchase and thinking next season grab one of their more high-end boards (stomper or sender). One thing to note is that the top clear coat does get scratched up / chipped pretty easy. I have had to Epoxy a couple of chips from my kids' skis on the lift and getting ran into (Ya that can happen to any board). Maybe it's just because it looks so dam sweet and clean that I notice them more often. Again, buy this board if you are thinking about it, you will not be disappointed. Like I said, will update once I get back from Utah (also going to Crystal Mnt. in Washington) so might be the end of February before I do.... Cheers! J

Everything you need

6’ , 170lbs , Size 10 boot

Live in MN. Take trips to resorts. Was shopping for an All Mountain that will let me be in the park all day if I want to. The 158w just makes me wanna go big. Fun and fast on the groomers, playful and forgiving in the park. Rides just like a twin. 10/10

The Creamer

Gotta say, this board is super fun to ride! My first Lobster board and definitely not the last. Very fun and forgiving board that anyone can have fun with. The best part is, you get a great preforming board with an awesome graphic design.

Halldor Pro

I wanted to get a few weekends in of solid riding before I gave the halldor pro and Halldor pro bindings a proper review. Wow. All I can say is wow. The board is super responsive, not enough snow in your area to make big enough features fear not the pop in this thing will send you over it anyway. The tip and tail are more upward and when you normally think you’re going to catch an edge you’re already locked into that feature with a perfect amount of playfulness to lock into that feature. Definitely made for going skyward and feels completely stable on the bigger jumps and at higher speeds. Can’t recommend this board enough completely in love with this purchase. Great job Lobster!

Halldor Pro
Jack Mack

Halldor you killed it with this one! Love what you guys do and the dedication you put in! Halldor pro bindings match it perfectly and the performance is next-level! I've rocked a Lib Tech Skate Banana for the past 10 years and this thing was super easy to transition from the rocker to the new 3D tech!

Sickest board one the market!!!

Board came in 3 days and looks gorgeous

Matt Tymchuk
Absolute beast.

This board is a bit on the soft side of flex but it's still a great time anywhere on the mountain. Good pop, good edge hold, and easy transition between edges.