ProForm Terms & Conditions

1. The Lobster PRO Community consists of qualified outdoor professionals and/or individuals actively engaged in our core mission. It is a membership program which needs to be renewed on a 3 season basis. In addition to that, it should be considered a privilege and not a right nor entitlement. It is not a partnership nor a sponsorship but a relationship of mutual respect.

2. Your Lobster PRO Community account is for your personal use only. Items purchased using your membership discount allowance should therefore be for personal use only and are NOT for resale nor gifting. Any purchasing of gifts will result in the immediate cancellation of your account. You will be notified if there are any promotions that would be an exception to this rule.

3. Being a member of the Lobster PRO Community is a non-transferable benefit. We, therefore, ask you to keep your account information confidential. Lobster will not be liable for any fraudulent use of your account by a third party.

4. Lobster reserves the right to manage a Lobster PRO Community membership at its discretion and terminate access without explanation or notice and without compensation due to any abuse (see point 2) or any other reason.

5. Access your Pro Community Account online at Please note that this will only work for US based PRO Community members. If you live in the EU, please visit our EU website. If you live in Canada, please visit our Canadian Website.

6. All Pro Form orders are final and non-refundable. Pro Form orders cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts such as bundles/sets, discount codes, flash sales etc. which might be active on the site.

7. Your Lobster PRO Community membership entitles you to 2000 EUR spending limit per 12 month period starting on Oct 1st and ending on Sep 30th based on the discounted price for all your purchases. We will keep track of each individual’s purchases.If this is not respected, we reserve the right to cancel your Pro Community membership with immediate effect.

8. Lobster reserves the right to change these PRO Community Rules at any time. This includes revising eligibility criteria, spending limits as well as the quantity of products available for purchase - to mention a few examples.

9. These Rules and benefits of membership in the PRO Community are confidential. Violating this confidentiality obligation can result in the immediate revocation of your membership. Talking about your PRO Community membership and pricing is disruptive to our business; please comply with this confidentiality obligation.

10. The discount offered to you as member of the PRO Community has been communicated to you in the Welcome email that you have received when (re)joining the PRO Community. Your Lobster PRO Community membership discount allowance cannot be combined with any other offers, web specials or discounts. Some additional items might be excluded from your discount allowance. Spare parts are not included.

11. Lobster PRO Community members will pay a flat shipping rate of 25$ per order.  Free shipping for all ProForm orders above $350.

12. Concerning warranty: As a Lobster PRO Community member, it is understood that you use your products in harsher conditions as well as more frequently, which means you'd be more demanding of our gear. This implies that damage due to wear and tear will happen at an accelerated rate. You will still have access to our warranty, but we reserve the right to deem returned products from previous seasons as damaged due to normal wear and tear.

13. By becoming a member and using the Lobster PRO Community membership benefits, you acknowledge and accept the rules described above.